A Non-linear Passage for a Photographic Montage

To demonstrate that the simplicity of imagery can mediate a prolific and poetic reading of human nature, human nature being so varied and precarious that even reading from the composition of a photograph can commentate on human behaviour.


9893.20120321[7]: We were such good friends

9893.20120321[15]: We were critical of one another

9893.20120321[9]: He looked up at the gate, about to enter

9893.20120321[11]: He looked at what he had become

9893.20120321[21]: She was pained to know the answer

9893.20120321[23]: From a distance she appeared content

9893.20120321[23]: I’m content she said

9893.20120321[23]: He looked down on her

9893.20120321[24]: It all made sense now

9893.20120321[24]: I’m a crook he said

8866.20130122[1]: He was a boiled down version of his former self

8866.20130122[1]: Each of the two saw the other as more false

9343.20110322[sign]: He knew that it was a sign but it was in a language he didn’t understand

9867.20110419[chicken drumsticks]: They all lay there, burnt and you could say a little stuck

1286.20110702[chairs]: He sat in the mist and felt that the world was outside, while the layers of vision made him more and more involved with himself.

1286.20110702[dead squirrel]: What may have been a haven had now become a wasteland.

9343.20110322[a dog barking]: At times when he couldn’t cross the line, a deep anger would be what set him apart from others.

01[shell oil bucket]: The evil festered within a beautiful landscape, which brought all attention to it and gave out all meaning from it.

01[a ladder and traffic cones and police tape]: An accident warning him wasn’t enough for him to refrain from walking past.

8866.20130122[5]: If he couldn’t look objectively at a scenario he would repress the idea until it flattened so he could stack it up against the other ones that resided in a rather large compartment together.

8866.20130122[29]: The ridges of reality would jut through his life like a pickaxe with wobbly edges.

8866.20130122[1]: Insincerity was a rule of thumb that he despised but followed in these times.

8866.20130122[22]: When a ladder seemed like a stairs he could spare his hands.

8866.20130122[seagull and motorbike]: A bad boy type though no one knew it was a boy and he would touch the monster with only ideas in mind.

4279.20120516[10a]: He would like to watch sunsets but only ones where the landscape didn’t attract the eye so as not to distract.

4279.20120516[4a]: The trees grew

4279.20120516[15a]: In the corner of his consciousness he knew he preferred the idea of a green lifestyle, but then he would have to turn his back on the city.