Calling Home 

Co-production Designer & art director  

Director: Jade Jackman

Producer: Sorcha Bacon

Co-designed with Amanda Tooke [BISHBASHBOSH]

Calling Home has been produced as part of the Postcards series by Just So.

The film has featured on Vice / i-D, Dazed & Confused and the Debrief. 


In the midst of a business park in Bedfordshire, you'll find Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. Slotted in amongst the stocky offices of cement and the tall street lights that curve ominously towards the sky, you'd be forgiven for not noticing the 400 women that live between them; you weren't meant to... Through phone calls, we document the reality of being a female asylum seeker inside Yarls Wood detention centre. 

With special thanks to the interviewees: Dorcas Issa, Deborah Issa & Martha

Director - Jade Jackman
Producer - Sorcha Bacon

Executive Producer - Matt Diegan
Executive Producer - Jono Stevens
Performer - Diana Chire
Director of Photography - Nick Morris
Focus Puller - Max Quinton
Clapper Loader - Isabel Boddy
Gaffer - Dimitris Lambridis
Spark - Camil Liberto
Spark - Callum Crisell
Production Designer - Rowan Wigley
Production Designer - Amanda Tooke
Carpenter - Ben Lee
1st Assistant Director - Bryony James
Production Coordinator - Martha McGuirk
Production Runner - Dorcas Issa
Make Up Artist - Portia Ferrari
Graphic Designer - Cara Shurey
Editor - Eleanor McNaughton
Edit Producer - Ella Sedgwick
Foley Artist and Sound Mixer - Louise Brown
Colourist - Steve Atkins